Game Projects I,II & Game Art I,II


College for Creative Studies


2010 - 2018


Adjunct Professor

I have a passion for what I do, and I love learning. When the opportunity came to teach at the College for Creative Studies, my Alma Mater, I couldn’t say no. I started teaching Game Art I & II as well as developed a new class called Game Projects I & II. 

In Game Art, students were taught how to create efficient models and textures for use in game engines. In the second semester, they created whole scenes in the Unreal Engine to help prepare them for the next year’s classes. 

In Game Projects, students were given the first week or two to create game pitches that they would be working on the rest of the semester. After a few rounds of decisions, the class voted on the game they wanted to make. The students were placed into a game company hierarchy with leads and artists and coders, and created a game over the next 2 semesters using the Unreal Engine. 

Sadly I was unable to continue teaching due to moving to California, and unable to maintain the time commitment. I hope to return to teaching soon. 

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