Hyperion XP-1 Launch Campaign







The Hyperion XP-1 launch date was originally early 2020. Due to the global pandemic, the launch was postponed. As travel restrictions and work closures became a reality, the entire campaign was pushed back until August. Much of the planned events had to be rescheduled and configured to operate with severe restrictions. The XP-1 launch would be simultaneous, but in 4 phases:

  1. Teaser Images
  2. Launch Video Release
  3. Press Release / Articles
  4. Website rollout

Teaser Images

Daniel Schumpert came up with some very nice reveal lighting for use in teaser images. Together we ensured that just the right amount of the vehicle was shown, and that internet sleuths would not find anything hidden in the vehicle. These images were sent to various news sites, as well as released on Hyperion’s various social channels. 

Hyperion Website

I came up with a structure and design for the Hyperion website (www.hyperion.inc) and together with Daniel created content for Evan Nicolini, who built the website structure under my guidance. He did a wonderful job incorporating smooth transitions between elements, and the site feels very liquid. 

Launch Video

The Hyperion XP-1 launch filming was delayed several times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When a time was finally settled upon, filming constraints were reduced to a mere weekend on a track. I planned out the shoot with storyboards and a loose animatic to identify the shots we would need for the launch video. 

In addition, promo images needed to be shot within the same weekend to be ready for news articles that would go live at the moment the launch video was released.  


The Hyperion XP-1 launch video showed the hydrogen vehicle accelerating on a track. Filming was accomplished over a day and night to ensure proper golden hour lighting. Cameras were mounted on vehicles for stabilized video, and drones were used for aerial footage. 


Additionally,  throughout the day, multiple photography sessions were taken to create additional content for the website and press releases on launch day. 

Press Release

Together with our partners at JMPR, Hyperion prepared for multiple press releases with multiple interviews with various magazines and online news sites, including CNN, Forbes, and Car and Driver. I supervised the rollout of the imagery for the various sites by conducting multiple photography sessions and supervising the creation of CG imagery showcasing the XP-1 in areas too far away for practical transportation during a pandemic. 

Overall, the XP-1 launch went very well, and our PR firm reported over 2 billion impressions in the first few weeks of release. For operating within the restrictions of a global pandemic, the team at Hyperion and JMPR pulled off an incredible launch that can be used as a template for others in the future. I would like to thank the following people for their tireless efforts in bringing the XP-1 to reality:

Angelo Kafantaris, the designer of the XP-1 and CEO of Hyperion

Tony Ramirez, the COO of Hyperion and the one who can make anything happen

Daniel Schumpert, Lighting wizard

Evan Nicolini, Webmaster and Filming Extraordinaire

The entire Hyperion Team and support staff!

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