Enterprise D Construction Project




2014 - 5


Sole Artist

I grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I have seen the episodes so much, that I can refer to most of them by episode name. The sets, even though they are cheesy 90’s decor by our standards now, are near and dear to me. I have often thought of wanting to go there myself. So I decided to create the ship. Using the blueprints available to the public, I started building modular pieces for creating the ship from scratch. Ed Whitefire and Rick Sternbach each had released blueprints with their own variations. I chose to marry the two in my creation process. 



Above:  The Bridge of the Enterprise – D

Using Unreal 4, I started blocking in the bridge, ready room, and conference room, and then starting planning my way to areas of the ship not seen on the show. Deck 4 contains the main shuttlebay, the largest room on the ship, and was never shown, except in “Cause and Effect” and only briefly. 

Worldwide Attention

After releasing the video on the web, and posting to Reddit, my site and email immediately blew up with inquiries on when this would be released as a viable product. I was contacted by CBS, who said that they would love to make this a real and viable product, but a third party had purchased the entire VR license for Star Trek, and I was unable to continue to product. No harm, no foul. 

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